Table Topics is your premier source for custom commercial dining tables and home to the most durable finish in the hospitality industry, Acralyte. Table Topics can help design & engineer your perfect restaurant table tops and we produce your vision using the highest quality materials with the most advanced finish in the industry, making your tables as durable as they are stunning.





Acralyte is an acrylic resin that is chemically engineered to achieve greater scratch, mar, chemical & heat resistance than traditional furniture finishes (such as epoxy resin, polyester resin, urethane and conversion varnishes).

Acralyte X

Acralyte X is the next chapter of the Acralyte story. Through extensive research and development, we have created a fine furniture finish that improves upon everything that we have accomplished thus far and adds a new advantage to with our inclusion of an anti-microbial in its chemical foundation. It's chemical and alcohol resistant, featured exceptional scratch wear and resistance, is heat ring resistant up to 250 degrees, and has the anti-microbial agent built into the finish.
Download Acralyte X brochure (PDF).